Mount Rainier lodging in Washington State
Mt Rainier, Washington State's number one destination is just a few miles from Copper Creek Inn and Log Cabin and Copper Creek Lodge. Mount Rainier National Park web site:

Winter Recreation:

Guided snowshoe walks. Snowshoe walks begin at the Jackson Memorial Visitor Center at Paradise and last about 2 hours. Snowshoes are provided and limited to 25 snowshoers. The program is not recommended for children under 8; they find the snowshoes cumbersome and tire quickly. Visitors should wear sturdy, water-proof boots, hats, and mittens, and dress in layers. Sign up at the visitor center one hour before the start of the program.

Sledding is permitted in the snow play area at Paradise, but not in other parts of the park. “Plastic sleds, saucers, and inner tubes are ideal. Wooden toboggans and runner sleds can cause serious injury if they go out of control, so they’re not permitted,” Uberuaga said.

The Paradise area has miles of trails for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Stop in at the visitor center for a trail map and to check current avalanche conditions. Visitors may rent skis or snowshoes at the General Store in Longmire en route to Paradise.

Be prepared for winter driving conditions. Snow tires are recommended for travel above Longmire, and tire chains or all-wheel drive may be required if conditions warrant. State law requires that tire chains be carried in all vehicles when traveling in the mountains. To check road and weather conditions before traveling to Mount Rainier National Park, call (360) 569-2211, then press ‘1’ or visit the park website above

Rent snowshoes, skis, hiking gear.


Summer Recreation:

Visit Mount Rainier National Park in summer and find excellent opportunities for scenic drives, hiking, and mountain climbing. Roads are open from late May to early October.

Allow several days to see the park. If you only have one concentrate on a few areas. There is much to see.

Parking is limited on sunny summer weekends and holidays.

Longmire Historic District in the SW corner of the park. See Christine Falls or Narada Falls, Paradise Jackson Visitor Center, the Historic Paradise Inn.

Hike a trail through the world-famous subalpine meadows.

Between Paradise and Ohanapecosh, see Reflection Lakes, Box Canyon, or the Grove of the Patriarchs.

Old growth forest at Ohanpecosh.

Tipsoo Lake is a short trip to the east between Ohanapecosh and White RiverSunrise. It is a popular destination from July to October. It provides outstanding views of Mount Rainier and its glaciers, and trails through subalpine meadows.

Carbon River rainforest and Mowich Lake are in the NE corner of the park. Theroad to Mowich Lake is unpaved and does not open until early July

Visit the Mount Rainier website (above) for more information.

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